Silencis Pro Review

The current Silencis Pro review will focus on the bizarre series of discoveries made by the researchers behind this supplement. We’ll also touch on product’s negative reviews, ratings and we’ll look at if it really works.

First of all, let’s talk about the catalyst behind the discovery of the root cause of ear ringing. It all started with 3 very famous people who suffered from Tinnitus along with other brain disorders. They mention president Ronald Reagan, suffering from Tinnitus and Alzheimer’s, painter Vincent van Gogh, suffering from ear ringing and dementia and composer Ludwig van Beethoven, suffering from Tinnitus and manic depression.

Next, they discovered a brain scan which confirmed their darkest fears: Tinnitus wasn’t rooted in the ear… it was triggered by something going on in the brain. This was the tipping point that Charles W. Brighton and his team were waiting for. They set out to find a series of naturally sourced ingredients which would help the brain’s cell-renewal cycle.

Despite the team’s best efforts, controversy around the Silencis supplement still seems to pop up from time to time…

Silencis Pro negative reviews

Silencis Pro comes in a long line of other “treatments” which were proposed to the average Tinnitus sufferer who couldn’t find relief in conventional medical practices, so a healthy dose of skepticism was to be expected.

However, we took the time to analyze negative comments and it appears that most people didn’t even try the program out. The general discontent is with the fact that all the other Tinnitus “cures” which were proposed to them didn’t work…

But again, we’d like to point out that, as the beginning of this Silencis Pro analysis article mentions, the novelty of the approach lies in the fact that Tinnitus has been always treated as an ear infection, so of course there was no possible way to cure it. Masking, diminishing the symptoms by using expensive alternative therapies like acupuncture could help, but they’re not addressing the root cause.

Silencis Pro ratings

We rate Silencis Pro as a 4.5/5 supplement:


  • Fast delivery in the USA, it takes about 5-7 business days for the package to reach your doorstep.
  • The cost is flat, what you see on your order form is what you pay, you won’t see any hidden charges or shipping costs.
  • The ingredients are natural, sourced from clean, certified non-GMO sources.
  • Their customer service is top-notch, they can be reached via phone at +1 (800) 986-2180 during the working hours (Mon – Fri: 9AM – 9PM EST | Sat – Sun: 9AM – 6PM) or email at: [email protected].


  • International shipping is not yet available, but their customer service promised that they are working towards providing SIlencis Pro worldwide.

Silencis Pro does it really work

Silencis Pro testimonials prove a good track record with those who have tried it out. It is designed to be used for more than 1 month and, rest assured, prolonged use isn’t a cause of concern. It is supposed to aid brain nutrient deficiencies and issues in regards to the brain oxygenation process. According to their research, Tinnitus can be triggered as a result of these two processes not following a natural course.

Reports from those who’ve used them evoke better concentration, heightened focus and a clearer mind starting from the first few weeks of usage.

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