Gundry MD Heart Defense Review – Is it reliable?

Our heart is an organ that can be enhanced and improved with the use of supplements and medications. Though, some medications might give rise to side-effects and give serious pain in the long run. The supplement we will be talking about in this review is made by a famous brand, and it has a lot of positive testimonials out there on the Internet as well.

In this Gundry MD Heart Defense review, we will be telling you all about a supplement that boosts the defensive system of the heart. In addition, it will give benefits to areas all over your body, not just the heart.

Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr. Steven Gundry is a cardiac surgeon that had the chief of cardiothoracic surgery title when he was a professor at a university called Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He is also widely known for his invention of three of the most popular heart surgery devices in the world.

He then made his own supplement to help people with cardiac problems thus, the birth of the Gundry MD Heart Defense.

What is the Gundry MD Heart Defense supplement?

Heart Defense is a supplement that focuses on enhancing the defensive systems of the heart and improves the overall circulation as well. This Heart Defense supplement is not the same as the mainstream heart supplements today, because the ingredients used to make this supplement are different from the usual. In this heart supplement, as weird as it is, it uses pure cocoa as its main ingredient, along with ingredients rich in flavonoids. The contents of this Heart Defense product are all natural and no chemicals are added.

What are the ingredients used to make Heart Defense?

The Heart Defense is made of 100 percent natural ingredients. As stated before, the main ingredients that baffled scientists are pure cocoa, along with other ingredients rich that are helpful to the enhancement of the heart, such as:

  • Coffee fruit: Rich in flavonoids, similar to the pure cocoa. It also improves brain function.
  • Inulin: Helps in balancing gut bacteria to make the stomach healthy in the long term.
  • Vitamin D3: Good for making the innate ability of the body to absorb calcium better, also increases phosphate levels in the blood.
  • Sodium: It is needed for blood regulation and its scarcity can cause impairment of body functions, which makes the status of your body severe. Though it’s always good, too much of it is bad, as It can cause stomach cancer, and also hypertension.
  • Calcium: The heart, nerves, and muscles need calcium to function. It makes blood clotting, contraction of muscles, and beating of the heart possible. Not only that, calcium enhances the bone because about 99% of the calcium we have in our body is located in our bones and teeth.
  • Iron: Helps metabolize the protein in our body, and assists the production of hemoglobin and red blood cells as well. Hemoglobin is a substance contained in the red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs in order to transport it all over the body.
  • Flaxseed: Has evidence that it can help lower the risks of acquiring heart diseases, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

Customer feedback and testimonials

A lot of people actually love the supplement. Basing it on different Gundry MD Heart Defense reviews and testimonials, a majority of the people who tried the product were satisfied. To summarize what they have to say, all of them are living better and healthier with the supplement right with them.

How Heart Defense was made

Heart Defense was made with the help of the discovery of the Kuna; a tribe located in the San Blas Islands. The Kuna people were all younger than the age stated, which baffled the minds of the researchers and scientists. They then researched what could be the cause of their appearance, and where their strength was coming from since the researchers stated that 70-year-old people of Kuna were rowing from island to island at the time.

The researchers later found that in their diets, pure cocoa was always in there. Based on the ingredients of the Heart Defense supplement, pure cocoa was its main ingredient, with the flavonoids it brings. Flavonoids are also known for its improvement of the innate ability to rejuvenate the body, which then makes nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a molecule that is known to improve the growth of the muscle, it is also helpful to the heart by making the blood vessels bigger, which then improves the blood flow in the body, and makes the delivery of nutrients much more faster than before.

Tests were made in order to test the supplement, as all supplements has. In the tests, there were 4 out of 5 members reported to have changes happening all over their body. It was said that all 4 of the testers were having miraculous changes in their energy levels, hunger, and brain function.


  • Heart Defense supplements are clinically proven to be working;
  • They have an offer of 90-day refund after purchasing;
  • All orders are free shipping;
  • No chemical ingredients are contained in this supplement;
  • Little to no side-effects;
  • Secondary benefits include:
  • Mental and emotional health are enhanced.
  • Brain function is improved.
  • Reduces the feeling of hunger.
  • An increase of energy levels throughout the day.


  • If people have allergic reactions to the ingredients stated above, it is recommended for them to not take the Heart Defense supplement.
  • The price per jar is costly:
  • 1 Jar: $49.95 (30-day supply)
  • 3Jars: $134.85 :($44.95 per jar/90-day supply)
  • 6Jars: $259.70: ($43.28 per jar/180-day supply)

My Final Thoughts:

I recommend this product to people who wants to safeguard the health of their heart. As unpredictable as diseases may come, it is better to be safe than sorry. Although the price is quite high, there exists the 90-day refund. You can always attempt this product without wasting the money you got If there are no results being given. Taking care of the heart is just important, as it concerns our life.

Thank you for reading this review of mine. Check other Heart Defense reviews which you can see in Dr. Steven Gundry’s website (Gundry MD) if you are still not convinced. Visit the website by following this link.