Total Restore Review. Is Dr. Steven Gundry as good as he thinks?

 In this Total Restore Review, we will discuss Gundry, MD and the product he developed Total Restore. I know what some of you are thinking. It sounds like the movie Total Recall. Let us hope the product is less dramatic than the movie and with an equally as good outcome.

Dr. Steven Gundry is a thoracic surgeon. He specialized in pediatric heart surgery. He has more than 40 years of highly acclaimed techniques and innovations behind him. He was the first to transplant a pig’s heart into a baboon were the baboon survived for a month.

Other accomplishments include developing a new way to repair heart valves.

His surgical achievements are documented and truly amazing. His credentials are impeccable and without question.

After 40 years of surgery, Dr. Steven Gundry now focuses on nutrition as a specialty. He has developed new supplements that will support the heart, immune system and more.

However, we can find ridicule and negative statements about the man. I read one just the other day. It stated, “He is no longer a surgeon”. Well from what I know you do not graduate from medical school until your late 20’s. Then intern for a number of years and then specialize in an area. Therefore, I guess the man is close to 70 in age and deserves to hang up his surgical tools.

Dr. Steven Gundry developed Total Restore, knowing that many people suffer from chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue can be caused by many maladies. Medical doctors often look at physiological issues like depression for causing fatigue.

Dr. Steven Gundry identified an area that many doctors did not explore for the reasons of fatigue. It is a condition known to be Leaky Gut. There are a number of symptoms to leaky gut and one is depression that we just mentioned.

Fatigue affects us all from time to time but if you have chronic fatigue and a short break does not cure. The chances are you have a more serious condition. That condition could be leaky Gut.

Leaky Gut is caused by a number of issues one of them being a high Gluten intake. It can also manifest its problems in some of the tighter areas of the intestine.

Leaky Gut can be a serious condition if not correctly diagnose and treated appropriately.

How Will Total Restore Help Me?

This Total Restore Review will reveal how the all-natural safe product developed by Dr. Steven Gundry can help you.

By taking Total Restore, you will be ingesting completely natural products found in nature. All are safe to use and without side effects.

Total Restore strengthens the lining of your intestine. The all-natural products encourage enzymes to make the wall of the intestine stronger and more resilient to attack from substances causing leaky gut.

Total Restore is made from 16 natural product found in nature and once combined will alleviate the issue caused by leaky gut. Dr. Steven Gundry assures users there are no chemicals or products used to fill the leaking areas of the intestine.

It is claimed that the 16 ingredients will strengthen the health of the intestine while protecting the body from toxins formed in the intestine.

It suggested that Total Restore would encourage a feeling of overall wellness in the body. It will prevent bloating, excess gassiness, constipation and more. You will feel relieve from aching muscles and joints.

The dosage is three capsules per day. It is recommended that these three capsules be taken with that day’s biggest meal maybe breakfast or lunch depending on your eating habits. If you find this too much for any reason then split the dosage 1 tablet with every meal. It is reported that you will feel a mark improvement in your health within 3 to 4 days.

Just after two to three weeks, you will experience the full effects of the supplement. You will feel well like you have never felt before. Your mind will be clear. Your energy levels will seem to be almost limitless like when you were a teenager. It is a remarkable supplement.

Total Restore Ingredients

  • Strawberry extract
  • Cloves
  • Black pepper
  • Organic blueberry tart
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Licorice
  • Grape seed extract

This is to name a few; you find the full list of natural ingredients used in the manufacture of Total Restore on the Dr. Steven Gundry’s website.

There are no reported side effects from the users of Total Restore.

Total Restore Advantages

  • Fixes leaky gut
  • Restores energy
  • Stops aches and pains previously experienced
  • Stops chronic fatigue cause by leaky gut

There are just too many advantages to list.

Total Restore Disadvantages

There are not too many disadvantages to list by using bullet points. However, concerns have been raise over two of the ingredients. Licorice is reported to raise blood pressure. Marshmallow root is reported to lower blood pressure!

When starting a supplement regime seek advice from your doctor. If you are pregnant or have other ailments seek the advice of your doctor.

Total Restore. Where to purchase?

You can purchase Total Restore from the seller’s website Alternatively, you can purchase from

Total Restore costs $69.95 for one container.

There is multiple container option that will give you a better price.

All major credit cards are accepted. A secure payments system is in place for your security.

A 90 days full satisfaction. Money back guarantee is offered.


This Total Restore Review is completely unbiased. Note that I do not receive commissions or inducements from the company. This is another impressive supplement developed by Dr.  Steven Gundry.

For me, this is another great supplement from Dr. Steven Gundry. This man is an expert in his field. His credibility carries weight through the medical profession and as such, I trust its products concerning efficacy.

Dr. Steven Gundry’s continual effort to make the life of others is without question commendable.

My only negative comment is I wish the price point were more affordable for the average working person with a family.